Love involves a mix of Justice and Mercy. Balancing those two principles can be a challenge. Letting people do whatever they want with no consequence is too much mercy. While stoning them each time they do something wrong is too much Justice.

We all make mistakes, we all do things we are ashamed of, and we are often left to the world's vicious judgement to determine our worth after some of our worst mistakes. The “world’s eye” lends very little mercy—it has only a thirst for judgement and punishment. The only one that stands between us and the wall of judgement, is the Savior. He alone understands us, and He alone can atone for us. Do not look to the wall of judgment for your worth, instead look to Christ and lay your sins before Him—He can take them away and then help us be better than we were.

This picture depicts the woman taken in sin but is a representation of all of us. We all stand in supplication for Mercy, while the wall of people in the back represents the world or the wall of judgement. The Savior stands in the middle of those two forces emanating Perfect Love. He gave justice and mercy perfectly because He loved perfectly. He paid the price for sin, forgave the woman taken in sin, and then charged her to sin no more.


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