When we originally created Follow, we left the description of the piece blank. Many individuals described to us different ways that this piece connected with them. Some felt that the child in the piece might be starting their pathway through baptism to follow the Savior. Others expressed stories of tragic loss when a child in their life passed away and how this piece reminded them of their return home. Many adults relate to the child as well, saying it is a depiction of their pathway in life and how we are to become as little children in order to follow in the Lord's footsteps.

We've instantly fallen in love with each and every story we hear from various viewers and thus find them all accurate as far as an appropriate description of this piece. We designed it with the hope that each viewer can describe what "Following" the Savior looks like to them. There is power in the journey each child makes in this life. We learn so much from children because they are so earnestly looking for truth and the right path to follow. No preconceived notions, no biases to distract them. Children have the freshest views on life and creativity. It's no wonder that the Savior has invited us all to become like little children and follow Him back to the Kingdom. When we do this, we will discover hope in the journey, stars in the night, and rainbows in dark skies. The rainbows help us remember that the Lord's pathway, while crossing through dangerous and difficult terrain, leads us back home.


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