Our relationship with the God is the most valuable thing we can hope to develop while in this mortal life. His invitation to build that relationship is one of faith and often tribulation. Just as He invited Peter to walk on turbulent water to come near to Him, He invites us to do seemingly hard things so that we may slip beneath adversity's current and call on Him to pull us out. And he does. Time and time again. He pulls us from the drowning forces that would convince us our mission is in vain. But He never allows us to fail in what we've been invited by Him to accomplish. We don't do hard things for His sake. We don't serve Him because He needs service. We weather the storms of life because it brings US closer to Him--the source of our salvation and path back to God. It's to help us develop the necessary relationship to know God in our lives. 

As the two of them walked back to the boat, Peter was different. The relationship Peter had with the Savior was  different. . . AFTER he experienced the struggle upon the water. AFTER he was lifted from the waves by His redeeming hand. AFTER he learned to look to Him in the darkest moments. AFTER the Storm. 


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